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The environment of the workers’ professional activity has undergone a significant change in recent times.

The places where work is performed have changed significantly. In addition to the office, we are now also working at home, on the go, in a hotel, in an Internet café, etc. The number of devices that we use to work has also increased. The desktop computer has long been replaced with the laptop. We also work using tablets, smart phones and, in special cases, computers at an Internet café. Work is currently performed within working teams consisting of persons from various departments both on the side of the solution supplier as well as the client, working together on the given project. All this means that for efficient work on the implementation of the project it is necessary to provide an effective communication platform ensuring the exchange of information between the persons involved in its implementation.

For enterprises the decision on the utilization of Collaboration solutions provides significant improvements in the information flow.


Collaboration combines various communication channels (voice, video, sharing of presentations, documents, text messages) in a single interface, helping to facilitate and improve the efficiency of communication between employees within the company and between employees and clients. All of the currently available electronic means of communication can be managed simultaneously as a coherent whole, regardless of the type of information medium. The selection of the currently used communication channel (chat, audio, video, document sharing) depends on the current needs and if that need changes, it can easily be escalated to another communication channel (e.g. from chat messages to a telephone connection or video). Such an approach enhances the effectiveness of communication, which translates into the level of customer service, contributes to an increase in work productivity and faster access to needed information, and also minimizes communication costs.


One of the information carrying media included in the Collaboration system is video communication.


Video communication is a modern and effective way of communications which breaks geographical barriers. Studies confirm that video communication is one of the most effective channels of communication between people. The use of video communications enhances the company’s operational efficiency and opens up the possibility of using new applications, such as the “remote expert” service, accessible to the clients through the video channel regardless of geographical limitations. Video communication minimizes the need for business travel, commuting to the client, reduces the time for staff recruitment and quickly provides real savings both of time and money. The opportunities provided by video communication are virtually unlimited.


The device used for communication is selected depending on the needs and preferences of the people using the Collaboration integrated communication.


This could be a smart phone, tablet, computer, video phone or a video terminal (personal or group). All of these devices offer a cohesive support interface which facilitates the use of the system. Oftentimes one person uses several devices depending on the place where they stay or their personal preference (e.g. someone uses the personal video terminal in the office, uses the video terminal in the conference room for the meetings of the working team, and uses a tablet or a smart phone with the installed chat/audio/video application while on a business trip). Meetings with other people are held in personal virtual rooms for video meetings or in virtual group meeting rooms, dedicated to work on a given project.


  • Thanks to the technological progress, the cost of implementation of the Collaboration system has significantly decreased, meaning that they are available for companies of any size. Collaboration solutions can be implemented on the basis of the systems installed in the client’s infrastructure or can be delivered from the cloud, where the communication between the client and the place of service provision is carried out over the Internet. The Internet is also used for video communication with remote employees, or in collaboration between the companies.

  • Trecom uses the Collaboration system every day for communication between its employees, and to communicate with its technology partners and clients who have implemented the Collaboration systems. These tools facilitate communication, allow for the provision of services that would not have been possible without the use of the Collaboration system, reduce the time required for making business decisions, increase employee productivity and effectively reduce the company’s cost of operation.

  • TRECOM has many years of expert knowledge and experience in the delivery of Collaboration solutions. The professional quality of services provided by TRECOM in the field of data, voice and video integration solutions has been appreciated not only by our clients, but also by Cisco (the creator of the Collaboration technology). As a result, our company obtained the Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization certificate.