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Enterprise Networking

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Enterprise Networking

Cisco Intelligent WAN is a ready architecture for all organizations that are currently planning to increase the capacity of existing WAN along with a significant reduction of costs of its management.

The Cisco solutions offered by Trecom guarantee network performance, reliability and primarily, its security.


Four independent bases of IWAN technology being ready solutions for WAN

Freedom of transport technology

IWAN provides the possibility of using any technology available from operators through WAN, such as: MPLS VPN L2/L2, Metro Ethernet, broadband Internet, mobile technologies 3G/4G/LTE or radio line. It allows to use various technologies from different operators simultaneously and simplifies their possible change in the future without any problems.

Security of connections and data in WAN

Thanks to using technology and protocols ensuring confidentiality as well as full integrity and encryption features, IWAN guarantees security of the integrated networks.

Intelligent control of paths

Due to the use of an innovative Performance Routing technology (PfRv3), it is possible to control the network in terms of application requirements with regard to such parameters as band availability, delay, jitter or packet loss. Thanks to IP SLA or NetFlow measurements, PfR is able to actively switch traffic in an intelligent way in order to guarantee the best parameters of WAN for particular applications. PfR combined with DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint VPN) are the key components of IWAN architecture, impacting faster convergence, application monitoring, centralized configuration and network automation.

Optimization and control of application

Using WAAS (Wide Area Application Service) technology and Akamai Connect ensures a complete and transparent solution for users, which impacts the increase of application performance though WAN.

Benefits of using IWAN technology


The possibility of using less expensive lines for WAN or internet access (Internet as WAN) while ensuring network and service performance offered by providers at the level of significantly more expensivelines in IP, VPN or MPLS technologies.

Reducing costs of optimizing QoS (Quality of Service) levels and security (VPN).

Increasing productiveness of a company thanks to improving performance of installed applications.

Possibility of using any transmission medium from any local operator.

Convenient interface for implementing, managing and monitoring WAN.

Implemented scalable solution with profitability indexmeasured in a monthly interval.