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Internet of things

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Internet of things

Internet of Things, as one of the most electrifying subjects of IT world has been in the centre of Trecom engineers’ interest since the very beginning. As the notion itself is very broad, we wish to present a certain systematics that was developed based on our previous experiences.

According to the most intuitional definition loT is a network of objects able to gather and exchange data, or communicate.

That simple definition does not call for challenges posed for the integrator such as  planning, designing and implementing lT systems. The source of the challenges is the loT essence, or mass quantity, a large scale of solutions, simplicity of objects owing to which communication should be enabled.

Internet of things poses challenges for the most significant aspects of technology


Information gathering

Analysis and presentation of data


Information processing

Physical and environment aspects

We, Trecom deem that being a reliable partner for our Clients require experiences and working knowledge of technology. Owing to the technological laboratory we are able to research radio technologies, Routing Information Protocol acting in a large scale or influence of transmission frequencies on energy consumption. We have almost all types of devices of the greatest world manufacturers which allows us to build adequate testing environments. Therefore we can reduce the risk in our clients’ projects.

Contemporary market of solutions

Hybrid systems dedicated to industry integrate the classical solutions of automation  (OT) with the IT world. Within these solutions industrial routers able to operate industrial routers and transmission systems are used in production (e.g. RS-485 or Digi Zigbee wireless grated systems). Providing safe and reliable transmission and precise information on structure condition and elements connected to them, and identifying threats are the goals of IT infrastructure in this approach.

Advantages from using Hybrid Systems:
– Monitoring and analysis of company production cycle
– Reduction of stoppages caused by failures
– Ensuring stability for manufacturing processes
– Efficiency improvement of devices used
– Energy management

”Smart” systems were created to address the most popular and obvious loT solution market– the city. The city as space for living is an organism far more complicated than any company. A large random element of events occurred and their dependence on unpredictable external features cause building a peculiar city ”nervous system” to become key for controlling processes taking place inside it.  Quantities which are to be researched as well as the area itself from which data is to be gathered are a large challenge for the infrastructure. Within these solutions both wireless communication (Wifi, WiFi Mesh, all the GSM variants, or LoR) and dedicated systems such as Libelium are used

Advantages from using Smart Systems:
– Preventing threats concerning changes in intensity of particulate pollutant level
– Monitoring safety of electric and gas networks
– Permanent monitoring of intensity of traffic and critical points in passageway
– Safety improvement due to city monitoring cameras

loT systems are recognized by Trecom as the future for solutions of this type. They are affordable and massively used sensors fitted with the communication module  and functioning on automatic power supply. A sensor processing  information locally should be independent as much as possibile. At the same time it should interact with other surrounding sensors enabling e.g. automatic failure detection of a single element or disturbances in measurements. Owing to scattered intelligence such a cloud (so- called ”swarm”) is more reliable and has more possibilities than a single and statistic element. Hyper-localisation technique is used in order to supplement the measured values with a place they were gathered.

Within works on such a widespread approach towards loT we address problems that occur in office and manufacturing networks.