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Next Generation Data Center

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Next Generation Data Center

Trecom provides comprehensive services in the field of Next Generation Data Center.

Based on our unique competency resources we support our Clients during the whole process of construction or modernization of data processing centers infrastructure. Starting with the selection of the optimal operating model, through the development of the architecture of the solution and the choice of technology, ending with the implementation and support during migration.
The Trecom engineering team is constantly monitoring the market in search of technologies which will enable our clients to effectively address their needs. Our competencies are focused on five key areas, regardless of whether the client chooses the IaaS solution, Private Cloud or the Hybrid-IT model.

  • High-performance IP network

    An efficient, stable and scalable network is the foundation of every infrastructure. When planning investments in this area we should also take into account the degree of integration with network virtualization solutions, shared API enabling automation, and support for the protocols of mass storage solutions.

  • Efficient and operationally-effective server platform

    By making the right selection of a server platform, it is possible to drastically reduce not only operating costs, but also to reduce the times for service delivery and restoration.

  • SdS Mass Storage

    Software Defined Storage are a new generation of storage systems. SdS frees the user from a specific hardware manufacturer, basing on any server platform. This allows for the selection of the optimal hardware platform for the needs and the use of components that offer the best price-performance ratio during the service life of the solutions. The main advantages of SdS include the simple and inexpensive horizontal scaling of the environment capacity and the ability to flexibly design the performance of the solution by selecting the relevant combinations of disks and servers. In addition, thanks to the distributed architecture using IP transport, SdS systems greatly simplify and reduce the costs of implementation of Disaster Recovery or the use of several centers at the same time. The advantages of SdS, until recently available only to the largest companies in the segment of e-commerce, are now becoming available to everyone.

  • SDN and network virtualization

    In times of universal systems virtualization, ensuring appropriate network services and security for virtual environments has become a major concern. The attempt to execute them using traditional solutions significantly raises the complexity of the network environment, and consequently the costs and the operational risks. The solution is the virtualization of the entire network layer in the Data Center.

  • Application Delivery

    The key to maintaining availability and key performance indicators at the expected level lies in strict control over the way in which we deliver applications to Clients. For this purpose a number of solutions from the area of Application Delivery are used. They allow us to not only manage availability, but also to optimize performance and more quickly respond to security threats.