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The security of IT systems in which key data is stored and processed is the basic issue for the proper functioning of all companies. A company which falls prey to the attack or system intrusion may lose everything, not only the expertise, employees, money, but, above all, the image of the trustworthy company.

The application of solutions used by Trecom enables to secure every area of ICT systems, simultaneously constituting the comprehensive system of the customer’s cyber-protection. For us, security is a process not a product or technology, and we follow this particular approach to the topic of cyber-security in our undertakings.

Our competence advantages

20 years of experience in design, implementation and maintenance of systemsand security of IT systems.

Over 50 qualified engineers with the highest certificates of leading manufacturers of security systems.

Projects concerning security realized for customers in various economy sectors: services, banking, education, energy and fuel industry.

Equipment and engineering resources enabling to provide maintenance services and guaranteeing support for our customers in the 24/7 system.

Tests and development of PoC (Proof of Concept) in the customer’s environment within the selected technology, product or solution.

The audit, creation and implementation of solutions related to the security of information and ICT systems for institutions from the public, financial and industry sectors based on the law regulations and ISO standards.

Obszary bezpieczeństwa, w których specjalizuje się Grupa Trecom

Network Threat Defense

  • Protection against the APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) type network threat
  • Comprehensive protection of Internet contact points
  • Content Security systems
  • Web Security systems, secure access to the Web, anti-virus systems, anti-spam systems
  • Efficient and highly available IPS (Intrusion Detection/Protection Systems)
  • Provision of expertise concerning security requirements of customers’ networks and applications in a form of reports containing a list of tests of hosts, applications, a description of risks and recommended actions

Secure Access/Endpoint Security

  • Security for mobile devices
  • 1x, NAC/NAP solutions (Network Admission Control / Network Access Protection)
  • Advanced VPN/MPLS networks

Data Center Security

  • Maintenance of security at the data processing center
  • Assessment and implementation of Secure Data Center procedures guaranteeing security in virtualized data center environments

Vulnerability Audits

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments analyzing customer networks with vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools to provide insight into internal, external, and remote access threats. Assessment reports provide customers with findings to include descriptions of vulnerabilities in systems and protections as well as recommended corrective actions