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Service 360

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Service 360

Service 360° offer is a professional and congeneric incident handling, available for your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated contact point assigned to each project is responsible for efficient handling of incidents – from the moment of notifying the problem, through its’ classification, priority assignment, solving, to delivery of final report.

Service 360° is an effective way of solving all technical problems in the shortest time possible. 


  • Cost decrease of IT services;
  • No necessity of internal services unit creation;
  • Service of the highest quality, in accordance with agreed on SLA;
  • Clear and standardised procedures of incident handling;
  • Organisation work quality and comfort improvement;
  • Ensuring continuity of business functioning and fluidity.

Service 360° is the most efficient way to keep components and systems vital for your business operating.

Our years of experience, as well as dedicated team of analytics and experts, allow us to provide out customers with congeneric and personalised services based on the best practices of ITIL.