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On 22 November 2011, the contract No. UDA – POIG.08.02.00-04-011/11-00 has been signed with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The subject of the contract is the provision of co-financing to Trecom Sp. z o. o. SKA, for the execution of the project entitled “Implementation of an automated and advanced B2B system supporting the cooperation processes between the company Trecom and its business partners”.

The co-financing of the project is worth 847 900 PLN and constitutes 41.3% of the costs associated with the implementation of this project.

The project launch date (after an Appendix) was scheduled for February 2011 and the completion – for March 2012.

The goal of the project is to improve competitiveness and increase the efficiency of the cooperating companies by implementing a modern and automated ICT system, allowing for the integration of the processes of the cooperating companies. The system will be tailored to the specifics of Trecom’s cooperation with its business partners and will consist of modules, whereby each is responsible for a characteristic area of the company’s activity:

  • The module of operational CRM will collect information from other modules, which will allow for the creation of a preview of any relations with partners and clients.
  • The tendering module supporting the tendering process from the registration of requests, creation and submission of an offer, the creation of the subsequent versions of the offer – all the way to the acceptance of an order, allowing for the monitoring of the tendering process.
  • Module for the management of projects and orders, which will enable supervision over the works in progress, including completion schedules resulting from the sales contracts.
  • Module for the ordering of goods and services will enable the automation of the processes of orders, including the preview of the order execution status, preview of the availability of goods, the execution time and the order confirmation.
  • The document flow module will allow for better cooperation with the commercial partners and a review of the relationships in every aspect of cooperation.
  • The whole system will be connected through the ERP module used for the settlement of the costs for the various projects and enabling cost management.

On the part of TRECOM, the project is coordinated by Konrad Traczyk:


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